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Welcome Youli Yao(姚有利)from Shanxi Datong University to be committee member!


Prof. Youli Yao (姚有利),

 Shanxi Datong University,

School of Coal EngineeringChina

Research Area:

Safety science and engineering

Research experience: 

1. The safety management and risk pre-control in coal mines have also been deeply studied, and a new method of controlling the unsafe behavior of coal mine employees based on Safety Training Observation Program has been proposed; and  it has been applied in many coal mines and achieved good economic and social benefits.

2. In the management of safety emergency management, the Provincial Social Science Federation Project "study on the construction of work safety emergency system in Shanxi Province" has been completed, based on the design principles of flatness, whole process guarantee, legal design and whole area coverage, a comprehensive provincial emergency system construction plan is put forward, which has certain guiding value for the construction of Shanxi Production Safety Emergency rescue system.


In recent years, more than 40 papers have been published, 2 monographs have been published, more than 10 scientific research projects have been presided over, and a provincial second-class prize for scientific research.

Important Dates

截稿日期|Submission Deadline: 

May 6, 2020


注册日期|Registration Deadline: 

May 7, 2020


录用通知|Notification Date:

About a week after submission


会议时间|Conference Date: 

May 08-10 , 2020

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